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Bank Referral Program

Our bank referral program has been designed with you in mind. We work with bankers nationwide and will be the best customer retention tool you've ever had! We can take on the clients you can't. With our multiple in-house lending teams, we can work with ALL industry types, in ALL 50 states and with very poor to excellent credit scores, and history (i.e. BK, tax liens...).

When we fund, the client maintains their relationship at the bank. This means that they don't go elsewhere, the funds are deposited into their established account, they are able to grow their business (more deposits), and you can groom them for a business bank loan with you next. 

What To Expect

From the moment you refer a client to us to long after closing, we value the relationship and trust of the banker and client. With your permission and the clients, we will reach out and listen to the clients needs. We work to manage the clients business funding expectations as to not waste their time, yours, or ours. We are straightforward and communicative to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. 

The Process

Step 1: Contact us by phone or email with the clients basic information.

Step 2: We contact and prequalify the client for the product that best fits their needs. 

Step 3: We email the application and request their most recent business bank statements. 

Step 4: The completed application is reviewed by our lending teams and we have one or more offers for them in just a few short hours. 

Step 5: The client signs and returns the Offer Letter and funds are deposited into their account, often times same day. 

How You WIN

When you have a banking client that has come to you for a loan, nothing is worse than having to tell them you can't help them. Especially if they ask, "What am I supposed to do?" and you don't have a positive direction to point them in. 

When you refer your client to us, everyone wins! These are just a few ways this relationship benefits you: 

  • The client stays at your branch. When a client needs money, they are going to find it. When you can't help them, they are going to continue looking. Many lending institutions will require their accounts and deposits to be held at their institution. With Terra Nova Business Funding, the client maintains their account at your institution. Funds are wired into their existing account upon funding. 
  • More deposits. In addition to the initial funding deposit, you now have a merchant that is expanding their business operation and you will see more deposits which correlate with the growth. Many branch managers and personal are paid bonuses that correlate with branch deposits. Bonus or not from your branch, growing the monthly deposit volume is always a good thing!  
  • We are a stepping stone. When your client works with us, you can groom them to go back to you. Often times, we work with clients who lack time in business, or just need to clean up their credit a bit... whatever the reason, when they can grow their business (or avoid pitfall) and come back to you, that's a solid lead for your pipeline. We NEVER refer clients to other bankers when they come from you. The client works with one of our 20 in-house direct lending teams (all private money), then goes back to you and you alone. 
  • You look like a hero, not the "guy" who declined them. As much as you don't want to decline your client, your client doesn't want to be declined. Nobody likes to hear "NO." Explaining to your client that they are 6 months short of time in business gets a lot better when you can give them an alternative lending option in the meantime. They want the prime loan with you and this is how you get them there. Best part, is they are building their business and deposits during that time as well. 

How The Client WINS

As a small to midsize business owner, there is never a shortage of ways to use an insertion of working capital. We work with clients who need working capital for marketing, expansion, unexpected expenses, equipment, acquisition, payroll..... you name it and we've heard it and we CAN work with it. Here's a few ways the client WINS: 

  • Funds are UNSECURED. This is BIG! The business owner is not securing the loan personally, with property, or with the business. There aren't any assets put forth by the client as collateral. 
  • No hassle close. Our process is simple and straightforward. It takes us just a minute to prequalify. We get them an offer quickly and can close in 2-3 days, often times same day!
  • They get the money they need. Everyone has heard the saying, "It takes money to make money." There are many obstacles to overcome when running a business and not getting the funding they need should not be one of them. We are solution experts! Give us just a few minutes of your time and we will find the most advantageous funding solutions for your business out there!
  • We are big on relationships. We lend when conventional institutions do not. Once we have a positive payment history, we are able to decrease rates, increase the term length, and increase lending amounts. No need to wait until the loan is paid off. We are often times able to negotiate a reduced buy out of their current loan (saving them a ton of money) and get them the more prime offer, typically all within the first month or two. 
  • We will work with you on payments.  The monies funded are UNSECURED, meaning, if the client falls on hard times, our lending team does not have recourse. Our team is motivated to temporarily stop payment and/or restructure them if need be. You never know what is going to happen (i.e. sickness, natural disaster...), and having unsecured funds with a team that wants to find a way to make it work for you can make all of the difference in the world. 

How We WIN

We make money when you are funded. Just like a bank we charge for this service. We are more expensive than a traditional banking institution because we take on greater risk. Our goal is to get our capital out there working for us and grow with our clients. If the client is motivated to get funded, we are motivated to make it happen for them. Here are a few of the ways that we WIN: 

  • Repeat business. Our typical client will take out 3-4 loans with us before they are ready for the bankers prime loan. Our loans are relatively short-term. Average term length is between 3-18 months and loans are typically bought out half way through the term as clients become eligible for even better offers from us. 
  • Referrals. Word of mouth is our best referral source. About 25-30% of our business is generated from client referrals. 

Community Outreach

Are you looking for a way to give back to the community? If so, call and ask about our Community Outreach Program for Bank Referrals. You can choose one or more local non-profits to donate a percentage of the amount funded on each referral we close. 

Let's Get Started

Building a Strong Community Through Our Referral Network

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